About myself and ArmyOfAll.

I am a young working class man from Coventry UK, who after many discussions with friends has been convinced to put my thoughts on the internet, if they are of benefit to some then my work here is done.

I have a 2 decade background in technical analysis by trade and have had a love of science and economics since I was a young boy.  I am not an expert, but I am trying to bring to you what those in these fields are saying as best I can as god knows our media and those above us with an interest in the status quo are doing no such thing. If you agree / disagree with anything you read, you’re welcome to leave comment.

The idea of the name ArmyOfAll, came from an understanding that the 1% do not care which way a person votes. They don`t care what colour is in power. They will pin their badge to which ever political party promises to maintain the era of low taxation on the rich and their corporations, in other words, “the status quo”. Most major political party’s have been guilty of ignoring history in favour of the present and recent past. It has proven fatal to the working and middle classes of my nation and beyond, and may ultimately prove fatal to a large percentage of our species.

With an Army of All people, anything is politically and economically possible.

To whom ever is reading this, whether you accept the verifiable realities I have displayed or refuse to do so in effort to protect your personal belief, know that I wish you well in your life regardless.

Thank you for your time.


One thought on “About myself and ArmyOfAll.

  1. Dear sir, I too am a working class man from Coventry though I am now nearing 58. I have read through the first page of your site and found it most informative. I cannot comment upon the accuracy of the facts presented though the sources look reputable. I have been working over 40 years and the effects of capitalism are well known to me. I would very much like to voice my conclusions and fears but have no longer have an outlet. There are two reasons, the second being the lack of suitable people I know who can ( or are willing ) to discuss said subjects in a rational manner. I hope you will consider me for a possible meet one day. I do not follow any political party and gave up voting years ago. Now I am just an observer with “an open mind”. My eldest son’s appetite for knowledge surpasses even mine. I’ve been collecting info for a while. I think your site is a bold move and if we don’t ever meet then please keep it up.

    All the best,
    07950288577…(if you need it).


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