The theft of your weekend pay & The rise of 5 over 7.

Many years ago, brave men and women undertook various civil actions such as mass strikes to wrestle better working conditions for the future of you and your children from the hands of the 1%. For example:

  •     Ban on Slavery (Private prisons excluded)
  •     No child workers
  •     Maternity leave *not total in the USA
  •     Sick pay *not total in the USA
  •     A 40hr work week
  •     Equality of all peoples (a work in progress…)
  •     The “weekend”

Working on a weekend didn’t disappear, but it was seen as reasonable, right, and fair that after you the worker had devoted 70% of your waking life of that week to your employer, that your employer should allow you some time to oh I don’t know, raise a family? Tend to your life? And other such things Capitalists see as unworthy.

For those jobs that required the additional labour from you at the weekends employers paid time and a half on Saturdays and at least that on Sundays, but often double time. Yes, you read that correctly, they paid 50% more pay for Saturdays, and often 100% more for Sundays but not less than 50%.

^ This began to change as globalization crept forward through the 1980’s and 1990’s to the point that the vast majority of jobs are now “5 over 7” meaning you will do 5 days when you’re told to do them and if they land on a weekend, employers will continue to pay piss poor wages for the weekend like the do on any other day.

It is not due to a lack of profit that they do this, corporate profits globally have soared post 1980. Here is the US data for one example:



The UK for another:


They do it, because they can. Because Capitalism demands that they crap on you to make more money for the firm (Lower the cost of workers to increase profits) and in turn for the shareholders, of which the major ones are usually also company directors making the decisions to shaft or abandon their workers to ensure their massive incomes don’t stop growing.

They have successfully made the weekend “just another workday” and you the worker have handed it to them without any ability to complain because you are an individual.

^The solution is simple. Democratise the enterprise.