Your Vote Is The Only Power You Have Over Them.

Currently there are 5 MILLION PEOPLE who are not registered to vote in this country. If you think politics isn’t for you, perhaps you are young and think its nothing to do with you, you have to snap out of that thought. This is exactly the type of thought we have been intentionally educated to believe. The belief that all politicians are liars, the belief that no matter who is in power, your life wont change, this is perfect for the elites. A third of the population that believes them, a third that does not, and a third that will never pay attention.  All they need do is convince a few in the second camp come election day.

To ensure they win the next election, the Conservatives are planning to introduce a mandatory requirement of a passport or driving license when voting. This is a blatant attempt to stop the poor and the young from voting. Our future is in your hands.